Book 2 of the I Call Him — HIM Trilogy

Angelica and her companions rise from the ashes of the Battle of Houston, contemplating their next move.

After their great victory, they should feel at ease, but Angelica’s newfound powers sense a darkness calling to her from the north. An…

There’s nothing like putting on a show. Lights! Camera! Action!

Sometimes, our walk with Christ can be based on performance — making sure you dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

Did I read my bible today? Check!
Did I say a quick prayer? Check!
Did I visit someone sick and shut…

Nanowrimo Prep

Next month is Nanowrimo!

For those looking to participate, whether it is your first time or your tenth time, you want to effectively use that month to write the words to meet your goals

But, how do you mentally prepare? What are some resources you can use to…

Every October, I highlight Christian authors who understand how Christian fiction and the horror genre work hand in hand. For some, hearing this may sound a bit odd. How can Christ be glorified in a genre that celebrates darkness, and demonic influences? How in the world can you say Christian…

Writers Beware!

Being an author can be a scary business… but don’t let that frighten you!

Sometimes doing the scary things as an author is the fun part. But, let us caution, fair and gentle scribe, that there are some scary things, authors should not do.

Stay away from that…

An Introvert walks into a bar… and orders a beer. They neither look right or left but head toward the back of the room, in the corner, in the dark, away from the people.

So is the perception of introverts in general.

AS for writers introverts abound but are perceived…

Extroverted writers. They do exist.

What prompted the idea for this show was a fascinating discussion I had with my writer friends in a private social media group. I simply asked, “What’s it like being an introvert?”

I received all sorts of responses, all of them enlightening. I felt like…

How has the genre evolved?

Multiverses. Time travel. Parallel Universes. Dystopian worlds. Alien Civilizations. Space exploration. Artificial Intelligence. Robots.

These are just some of the some of the more popular tropes and themes expressed into today’s science fiction shows, books, and other media. …

Parker J Cole

An off-and-on recovering Mountain Dew and marshmallow addict who writes to fill the void the sugar left behind. She also talks a lot on her podcast network.

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