How has the genre evolved?

Multiverses. Time travel. Parallel Universes. Dystopian worlds. Alien Civilizations. Space exploration. Artificial Intelligence. Robots.

These are just some of the some of the more popular tropes and themes expressed into today’s science fiction shows, books, and other media. As more people gravitate to the speculative fiction world of imagination, greater content is produced that is bent heavily toward that specific genre.

But what has changed about science fiction say, from earlier stories of the late 19th and 20th century till now? What popular movies or shows have influential to this genre? How has it evolved?

The Three S’s

Sex, sexuality, and sin — the Three S’s.
When it comes to mainstream Christian fiction, there’s a deliberate avoidance of said topics as a lot of mainstream publishers wish to focus on Christian living, devotion, or a plethora of other safe topics.
When it comes to these topics among some Christians — Shh! Don’t about them. You don’t want to lead people astray!
Well, it’s a given that people both in and out of the church are already astray. Not just astray — they’ve wandered off! This doesn’t mean that we are suppose to let people not know…


• Do you ever feel spiritually “dry”?

• Do you want a deeper, more personal relationship with God?

• Do you want to be emotionally whole?

Oasis for My Soul is a collection of poems, poetic prayers, praise and scripturally based inspirational writings intended to feed your spirit and refresh your soul. If you are having a spiritual “dry spell,” the power-packed entries will hydrate, nourish, encourage, and inspire you to develop a deeper and more satisfying relationship with the Master, the true Oasis for our souls. …

When I met Tom Albaugh face to face in the summer of 2017, we were both looking forward to his show later that year. We hugged each other on campus at Biola University and waved goodbye.

A few months later, I reached out to Tom about the show we were scheduled for.

He told me that he’d lost his son, Michael, through suicide, just a few days before.

My heart broke for him, and I remember saying we can reschedule for another time. …

God and politics — do I need to say more?

In recent years, God and politics have become such volatile topics that even to mention one’s political party is to, in the eyes and ears of ‘the other’ is to sum up that person’s identity. Phrases like, “You can’t be a Christian and a X” are thrown about with wild abandon — as if God sits on the throne with an elephant or a donkey on either side of Him.

How can we agree to disagree when the cancel culture, beating at the door, is quick to shut down anyone…

What happens when a ’40s something mother inherits a crew of rookie twenty-year-olds and the mission is to race to a planet where celestial beings hold ransom the blueprint to humanity’s continued existence? The question is will she leave her dying son on Earth to take on this desperate mission? One wrong step could seal their fate.

Veronika Taylor Morgan knows interstellar mining like the back of her hand. But leading a military expedition into deep space is another matter altogether. With a mind-devouring plague ravaging Earth — holding ancient ties to prehistory — civil society is crumbling. Miraculously, radio…

Parker J Cole

An off-and-on recovering Mountain Dew and marshmallow addict who writes to fill the void the sugar left behind. She also talks a lot on her podcast network.

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