Miraculous Testimonies — The Parker J. Cole Show

How would you respond if you were diagnosed with terminal cancer? Would your heart be broken if your child suddenly had to fight a life-threatening illness? What would you do if you were told your heart may give out at any moment? So many people are suffering from devastating situations that affect them physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Doctors are not guaranteed to have the solutions they so desperately need. But God is the ultimate physician, and He has proven His ability to heal by performing miracles since the beginning of time.

In Miraculous Testimonies, you will read about present-day miracles that God has performed. You will also learn how to receive hope in situations that may seem hopeless. The inspiring accounts help you to understand how much God loves you, which will compel you to love Him in return, now more than ever. Miraculous Testimonies will encourage you and help instill the confidence you need to face any situation that may come your way.

Listen in to my conversation with ReShonda D. Jamerson as we discuss the reality that God STILL performs miracles today, Saturday, November 12th at 2 pm. Eastern time. You can listen in at 646–668–8485. Follow PJC Media on podcast platforms everywhere. Or, click on the link here: http://tobtr.com/s/12166610.



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Parker J Cole

USA Today Bestselling author, a speaker, podcaster, & CEO of the podcast network PJC Media who enjoys exploring history through the vehicle of romance.