Tonight on the Write Stuff — Day by Day: Hope for Senior Wisdom

Are you a senior orphan? Have the kids gone, and you’re now living by yourself? Perhaps you’re the one who’s now, ‘the oldest’ matriarch or patriarch of the family. If you can relate, this show is for you.

It happens quickly. We’re marching along in life, then one day we wake up and we’re called a senior. No one has called us a senior since high school. Somehow, the label does not fit. This senior status is different from the excitement of high school. It feels more like an ending, the foreshadowing of goodbye.

Suddenly, we feel much older and a bit rejected. We did not plan to be so old. Now what do we do?

If we have defined our life by a faith walk, then we continue to do what has always worked before. We fasten our hope to the One and Only unchangeable force that has kept us going all these decades. We continue to trust in our loving God, and we learn a new set of skills to persevere during our senior years.

Day by Day: Hope for Senior Wisdom contains encouragement and hope for senior adults, for those who want to increase in wisdom and live out their final act with intentional purpose.

Join me as I chat with R. J. Thesman about her book, Day by Day: Hope for Senior Wisdom on November 15th at 7 pm Eastern time. You can listen in at 646–668–8485. Follow PJC Media on podcast platforms everywhere. Or, click on the link here:



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Parker J Cole

USA Today Bestselling author, a speaker, podcaster, & CEO of the podcast network PJC Media who enjoys exploring history through the vehicle of romance.