Tonight on the Write Stuff — Waves of Creativity with Allen Arnold

Parker J Cole
2 min readJan 18, 2022


Creating New Things With God

Starts With Seeing Yourself

and Your Art in New Ways

The Creator of galaxies, oceans, wildflowers, and stallions made you creative. He gave you an imagination. Eyes to see what has never been. A voice to speak things into existence.

The reason why is astonishing. It’s not so you’ll get busy doing things for God. But so you’ll pursue the very things you love with God.

That is true creativity.

And this is your invitation to experience it as never before.

Allen Arnold — noted creativity author, coach, and speaker — has helped thousands with his teachings on co-creating with God. This book brings together his central insights on topics such as Imagination, Opposition, Questions, Wonder, and Expectancy. Each page features original quotes or timeless Scripture that, like waves, will wash over you, refresh you, and stir you to greater creativity.

Your art wants to grow deeper, wilder, truer. It’s just waiting for you to go first. It is a journey best taken one thought at a time. The goal isn’t to get somewhere fast. But to become more fully you along the way.

Listen in as I chat with Allen Arnold, author and Christian creative advocate on January 18th at 7 PM Eastern time. You can listen in at 646–668–8485. Download Stitcher, iHeartradio, Spotify, Edifi on your mobile device. Or, click on the link here:



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